Financial planning maps out your future and creates an environment in which your family can be secure and thrive. Planning for a time when you will no longer be around is an important part of ensuring that future well-being. Estate planning allows you to arrange for the distribution of your financial assets to your heirs or intended beneficiaries after your death or incapacitation. Planning ahead lets you assert greater control over the legacy you leave to your loved ones. Conversely, not planning ahead can lead to unnecessary expenses, family conflict, and ill-will.

AGAP Financial Services will put you in touch with experienced estate attorneys who can take the legal steps to ensure a seamless transfer of assets. We offer financial advice to make the process as smooth as possible, including finding ways to lower expenses and minimize your tax debt, to pass as much of your estate as possible on to your loved ones.

Even someone of modest means can have a fairly extensive estate. Assets include houses, cars, real estate, stocks and bonds in brokerage accounts, retirement funds, life insurance, and valuable personal belongings. Liabilities and debt obligations are also part of an estate and must be accounted for.

Too many people make the mistake of thinking they’re not wealthy enough to need estate planning, or even to take the most basic first step of drafting a will. Estate planning can help to preserve family wealth, providing for surviving spouses and children, and for their education.

We understand that estate planning is a crucial part of our clients’ overall financial well-being. Estate planning is a lifelong process. Your financial situation, family makeup, and goals change. So should your estate plan. The financial planning experts at AGAP Financial Services can help you along the way.


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