Your Future, Your Terms, You Be Your Own Bank®

AGAP is a full service financial firm that specializes in helping our clients grow and protect their wealth. We offer a wide variety of insurance and financial products custom designed to ensure our clients meet their immediate, intermediate and long term financial goals.

Our premier program, You Be Your Own Bank®, helps individuals, families and business owners develop a financial system that enables them to keep more of their hard earned income, save more money in a tax free account, and capture the interest and principal normally paid to traditional financial institutions; all just by becoming their own bank.

Our system shows clients how to transform debts into assets so they never have to depend on banks or financers to borrow funds again. With You Be Your Own Bank®, our financial planning and financial advisory services are targeted towards securing retirement, recovering expenses, protecting assets, growing wealth and ultimately becoming totally debt free, usually in less than 10 years, including your mortgage.


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